3 Ways to Make Your Home More Inviting

It’s at the tail end of winter in New Zealand so most of the snow has already fallen. Since most yards and gardens are covered in snow, you would rather stay indoors to be warm and cozy rather than brave the cold to work outside. However, it would be impossible to feel relaxed and cozy if your home interior looks a bit dull. The colour of your walls also affects your mood so if you want to remain cheerful all throughout the winter, you might want to try out bright colours to give your home a bit of warmth. There are painting contractors - PJF Services has today that are experts in interior and exterior painting using the correct paint products that work well during winter.


Painting Contractors - PJF Services

Although most people would argue that painting the interior of your home during winter is a bad idea, this can still be possible. Today’s latex acrylic paints dry fast and adhere well even in moderate temperatures. Humidity is usually lower during winter so the paint dries faster than during summer. When you talk to professional painting contractors – PJF Services Ltd offer today, you will be given a wide selection of paint colors for you to choose from. They will also share ideas on the best color for your home that best suit your tastes and personality to make your interior appear cozy and warm.

Below are some tips on how you can make your home look more inviting, especially during winter:

1. Start at the Front Door

Do not ever estimate the inviting power of having a freshly coated front door. Winter makes everything look dull and gray but having a colourful front door can make your home stand out. Especially if you choose a warm bright colour, like a bright yellow. You can then add a cute sign by the door that says “hello winter!” Adding a welcome mat can also do the trick to make visitors feel welcome starting at the front door and entryway.

2. Special Attention to Colour and Lights

Giving the front door a fresh coat of paint is a good idea but you don’t want to stop there. Think about your guest’s first view of your room, like the wall across your front door. Painting the wall in a bold accent color that is in contrast to your front door will help transform your dull looking room into something warm and cozy. Painting contractors – PJF Services has today can help you decide on the right color for your accent wall. You can also add colorful arts or lighting techniques to capture attention and give the room a bit of warmth even with limited available sunlight.

3. Make Use of Plants

Adding plants with green, leafy and fluffy plants can bring life to the room. The scenery outside may be beautiful as everything is covered in white but there is nothing like the comfort of seeing green plants brighten up your day and make your guests feel like spending an afternoon.

These are just a few tips on how you can transform your room and make it more inviting even during winter. You can also visit http://www.pjf.co.nz for more tips.