4 Must-Have First Home Traits Advised by Real Estate Consultants

Approved loans and a steady income—looks like you’re almost set to buy your first and very own house in Western Australia. You’ve seen many properties, but you’re still undecided on what type of house you really need. If you think highly of professional advice, a real estate consultant can help you decide and choose before contacting Perth builders.

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Consultants usually work in a firm where they research, analyse, and advise clients like property developers, Perth builders, and investors. Some also specialise in a particular type of client. As a home buyer, you need to look for a consultant who focuses on helping buyers with their enquiries. Several home builders in Perth WA have in-house consultants. You can usually call them first before heading to their main office.

Also, before meeting with them, identify your objectives in buying a house. For example, are you looking for a house that has good home value in case you sell it in the future? This is necessary as consultants will have to research and prepare a report for you. The report may include a list of properties near your area, latest trends in housing, and the necessary steps in buying a property.

While realtors are knowledgeable, a real estate consultant can also help you determine the most important qualities a home should have.

Here are some examples:

1. Ingenious house design

Cleverly designed homes don’t mean it’s aesthetically unpleasing. Ingenious house design can also be aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. It varies with a client’s taste, but a good real estate consultant can introduce you to properties that embody both “form and function”.

For example, since most first time home buyers are liking townhouses today, two storey home builders in Perth WA are also following the trend. A consultant may suggest builders that sell pre-designed townhouses or “Skinnies.” Townhouses are sleek dwellings that usually attract buyers with their furnishings and smartly designed floor plans. Some even include a private bar-style courtyard.

2. Quality construction

Since you will divulge your objectives to them, consultants will introduce you to builders who can match your buying ethic. If you don’t like delays and detours, they will suggest 2 storey home builders Perth has these days that handle everything from start to finish.

These builders usually have a team of development experts that purge unnecessary processes and paperwork. As a buyer, all you need to tend to are the legalities and important tasks.

3. Affordability

Consultants will give you a general feasibility report, but Perth builders can also give you a free, specific feasibility report. A first house must be both feasible as an investment and a home.

Some builders may also put you through a financial assessment. If you’re eligible, you can avail pricing offers. For instance, if you’re looking into single-storey houses, builders can offer you promotions like an increased grant value.

4. Important and special home amenities

Meanwhile, a consultant may suggest in buying a pre-designed house that includes important features. Special features are a bonus. See more at Aveling Homes

Most consultants also suggest that you buy a house with home energy features like an HVAC system or solar panel. Even though this can be later added as home improvement, consultants also suggest a PWD-accessible house that has ramps. You’ll never know if you’ll have a PWD visitor—it would be insensitive if they can’t move around properly. Find out more at http://www.aveling-homes.com.au/.