Outdoor Project 101: The Best Pergola Materials For Your Patio

When it comes to building structures that provide cover for your patio, a pergola is one of the most popular options. The popularity of pergolas stems from the fact that they are functional structures while adding aesthetic value to the space. You need to hire experienced builders of patios Perth can offer to make your pergola in order to achieve your desired style. And speaking of style, you can create many different looks for your pergola if you take into consideration the material used.


Below is a guide on the best materials you can use on your pergola when you build patios in Perth:


Wooden Pergola


This is the most common type of pergola that you will find in many homes. The timeless appeal and style of wooden materials can be attributed to its popularity. If you want a natural and elegant look in your patio, a wooden pergola is your best option. In addition, working with wood will offer a wide range of flexibility in terms of style.


You must work with the best patio builders in Perth since the most difficult part about working with wood is in terms of building the pieces of the structure. This could take a lot of time to shape the wooden materials to the different beams and poles that will make up the wooden pergola. While it can take a lot of work to complete, with the right builder specializing in patios Perth can offer, you should be able to have a functional patio that also looks attractive. One more thing you need to remember when working with wooden materials – make sure that you pre-treat the wood so that it can last a long time as it will be exposed to harsh elements.


Aluminum Pergola


If budget is an issue when you are trying to build a pergola for your patio, one that is made of aluminum material is recommended. An aluminum-based pergola is easy on the budget. From the maintenance standpoint, it won’t rot and has a non-porous surface (unlike wood). Hence, it won’t get damaged easily even without maintenance work. Meanwhile, there are also companies that sell pre-made aluminum beams and structural parts to ensure pain-free installation. It is also ideal for an attached pergola structure. The only downside is that it does not have the same aesthetic value that a wooden pergola offers.


Steel Pergola


Another option for a material to use when working with builders on pergolas and patios Perth currently has is steel. This is the sturdiest out of all materials available for making pergolas. It is also ideal if you want to provide maximum shade in your patio. There is also a lot of versatility in terms of attaching curtains or sheets to a steel-framed pergola, which is great if you want to add some privacy to your space. A steel pergola is also recommended for providing shelter to your garden.


With these ideas in mind, you can now get started on your project with patio builders in Perth WA. Whether you simply need to add a pergola to your patio, or still getting started on the structure from scratch, you can get the services you need at http://www.perthbetterhomes.com.au.